Welcome to the Colossal Squid Exhibition

View live-stream from the recent colossal squid examination.

Te Papa's colossal squid exhibition is open! Find out about the anatomy of the colossal squid. Learn the difference between a colossal squid, a giant squid and an octopus. Explore the colossal squid's habitat in the deep ocean of Antarctica.

Relive the capture, thaw and examination, caught on 'squid cam'. You can even make your own squid and play all the interactives.

Check out videos, websites, and blogs about squid on the Resources page.

Explore the exhibition interactives online!

Homepage Promo - Build A Squid

Build A Squid

Build your own squid and set it free! Built a squid already? Find it here ... read more

Homepage Promo - Anatomy


The only complete colossal squid on display. Explore the anatomy of the squid, inside and out ... read more

Homepage Promo - The Squid Files

The Squid Files

Follow the colossal squid's journey from Antarctica
to Te Papa ... read more

Homepage Promo - The Deep

The Deep

The cold, dark waters of the Southern Ocean are home
to the colossal squid ... read more

Captain's Blog — Reflections from the Ross Sea

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