How do you take
care of a big squid?

How do you take care of a 495-kilogramme, 4.2 metre-long colossal squid?

Robert Clendon, Conservator Objects, talks about the challenge of looking after such an unusual large specimen and getting it ready for display.

How do you display the most massive invertebrate in the world, for the first time?

Mark Kent, Mountmaker Object Support, talks about some of the technical challenges and the team's creative solutions for getting this huge specimen ready for the public.

Video 01
Storing the colossal squid in a tank of glycol
Video 02
Assessing damage caused to the squid when it was caught
Video 03
Supporting the arms and tentacles — a new use for plastic wrap
Video 04
The first time a colossal squid is mounted for display
Video 05
Supporting the mantle and fin
Video 06
Supporting the mantle with buoyancy aids
Video 07
Supporting the arms and tentacles to animate the squid
Video 08
Acrylic mount for the arms and tentacles